Hi there!

My name is Mark Bouwman. I currently work at MediaMonks, where as Games Creative I come up with concepts, create prototypes and oversee the implementation of gameplay features.

My core strengths are designing gameplay and
rapidly implementing designs within the game.
Over the years I've worked on many different projects for international clients, ranging from educational flashgames to full-fledged interactive activations for events.

Skills: Concepting, pitching, implementing gameplay features and overseeing creative

Dev Programs: Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4, Visual Studio, XCode, Eclipse, DBForge, Netbeans, Webstorm and FlashDevelop

Languages: C#, C++, MySQL, Java, AS3, Haxe

Platforms: iOS, Android, PC Standalone and Web

Extra skills: SCRUM Master and client relations

Education: Game Development at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam