Hi there, I'm Mark!

As Sr. Systems Designer at 31st Union I combine my creative drive with my technical background to craft unique experiences, ensuring our players are rewarded with fun and challenging gameplay.

Over the past 12 years I've worked on many different award-winning projects, ranging from small activations all the way to full-blown installations and AAA title VR games.

I'm currently designing and implementing core features of the main gamemodes in our AAA title multiplayer game, with my focus on minute-to-minute gameplay.

Work Experience

  • 31st Union

    As Senior Systems Designer I am responsible for the core features of our AAA title multiplayer game's main gamemodes.

  • Vertigo Games

    As Lead Game Designer I was responsible for setting up our level design & game modes team, which existed of 13 designers, artists and programmers.

  • Vertigo Games

    As Senior Game Designer I was responsible for designing and leading the implementation of AAA title VR gameplay features

  • MediaMonks L.A.

    As Games Creative in the Los Angeles office I was responsible for creatively leading the realization of award-winning games

  • MediaMonks B.V.

    As Game Designer I supported the creative director by acting as bridge between creative and programming

  • Little Chicken

    As Gameplay Programmer I was responsible for designing and implementing core gameplay features


Assassin's Creed: Nexus 2023

To expand upon the Assassin's Creed universe, Ubisoft created a new mainline game in the form of a VR title.
I was integrated into the 3Cs team, where I was responsible for locomotion and ensured that we translated the iconic player movement of the series to a comfortable VR rendition.

Freezing Point VR 2020

We created a vertical slice that allowed our company to showcase our strength in VR development. My main focus was on combat; making sure all mechanics felt good and the battles in the game were orchestrated to provide fun and challenging gameplay, while leaving room for the narrative exposition. I was also responsible for all locomotion.

Comic-Con Museum: Batman Experience 2019

Celebrating 80 years of Batman, we teamed up with Comic-Con San Diego to create the ultimate experience for any comicbook lover. I was part of the creative leadership from start to finish: coming up with the ideas, creating the storyline for the VR skydiving experience and overseeing all the visual implementation for each of the activations.

Comic-Con San Diego: Jack Ryan Experience 2018

This innovative introduction became the most talked about activation at Comic-Con 2018 as we allowed players to freely navigate an open space in VR that included physically rapelling from a helicopter and ziplining between buildings while keeping their headset on! I created the level design and enemy behaviour, balanced the entire experience and helped with on-site development to ensure a maximum player throughput during the event.

Nike React’s Game Of Go 2018

People virtually competed against one another with a game that used sensors and a treadmill to render runners on massive LED screens in the middle of L.A. After concepting and prototyping the gameplay, I owned the entire game design and balanced the gameplay and level design to match the speed of the treadmills.